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"MBD Regular" 

January 2020 I started to consider what was going to look like moving forward. I kept going back to a sketch in my notebook, it was rough, had my messy handwriting... but I kind of liked it, it was authentic.


That got me thinking about how to translate this concept from my sketchbook to the computer. My first thought was to write out what I wanted on each page, scan it and then upload the picture. This would work but unfortunately GOOGLE wouldn't index my website. Then i thought I could simply write out the text and hide it in the background. Although this would work it seemed like a messy way to do it so I started to look into how to create a font of my own. 


Two months later as COVID-19 started to sweep through Ontario I finally sat down and spent a day writing out the alphabet, numbers and symbols into my sketchbook.

I then digitized the pages, chose the best letters and edited them in Adobe Illustrator.


I am pleased to introduce, MBD Regular. 




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