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Felder K700

One of the most anticipated machines for the lab, the Felder K700 is classified as a bench room saw. It is the little brother of the K700s so it has a slightly smaller base and a maximum 98" sliding table vs the 145" capacity of the K700s.


The Options

The best part about these machines is that they are custom made to your specifications so that you end up with a saw that is perfect for your needs. There are options for almost every aspect of the saw so you can truly make it yours, something I love. The only downside to this is waiting 6 months for your machine to be built and shipped from Austria but that is to be expected with custom machinery.

This is what I ended up going with.

  • 230V 4.0 HP Motor

  • 81" X-Roll Sliding Table

  • Preparation for Dado Tooling

  • Overhead Saw Guard

  • Digital Indicator for Saw Tilt

  • Micro Adjustable Rip Fence

  • Telescopic Extension for Crosscut Fence

  • Aluminum Table Extension


The Good

This saw is made for production work, almost any task that is required can be done very quickly without the need of custom jigs to be made. Heres a quick break down of my favourite features.

  1. Sliding Table. Having the sliding table right next to the blade allows you to cut small pieces accurately. This can be done on a North American cabinet saw using a sled or a miter gauge  

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