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Simpler? Sampler?

Although not available for retail purchase, these objects were the catalyst of the SMPLR line of pocket sculptures.

Originally designed in 2017 as material samples, my intention was simple, display the qualities of the materials on concave, convex and planar surfaces. After making a handful of these sample pieces the form started to grow on me, I was hooked.

I started making smaller, pocket sized SMPLR’s in every type of wood that I had on hand. Maple, Ash, Oak, Cherry, Walnut and Ebony. I created jigs for machining, blanks for production and graphics for the website. As much as I enjoyed the objects though I couldn’t bring myself to sell them, they needed something more.

Limited to 6 pieces, these early versions of the SMPLR pocket sculptures were given to friends and family as

small tokens of my appreciation.

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